WERQUE BY DOMINIQUE BRIELLE was created for the millennial woman determined to discover how to live her best life while navigating through the pressures of work and everything else in between. 


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#SlayConsistently was created to provide fashion and beauty tips to ensure that you'll be able to slay consistently and effortlessly, while being on a budget.


#LiveFabulously was created to chronicle my experiences from work and leisurely trips. I want to give you the inside scoop behind my travels, brunch/dinner dates, art gallery explorations, event invitations, and adventures.


The purpose for #WerqueLikeABoss is to empower and guide young women millennials to create a professional career that they are proud of while enhancing their quality of life...and of course having a little fun while doing so. I encourage you to think of me as your petite mentor-in-your pocket giving you the “tea”, advice/hacks and teachable moments to help you propel yourself to the next level. Let’s be doers + dreamers!