My 2016 Evolution

Happy New Year, lovers!

FYI—I started writing this post inside the hospital room where my mother was on Christmas day. I wanted the tone to feel visceral, relatable and accessible. I believe that EVERYONE is #blessed and that we should be transparent and authentic as possible with difficult moments in our life as we are with accomplishments. How fitting is it, that I ended an amazing year with a trying experience? Not too surprising, as I know God has never been modest in testing me to my limits but also highlighting my own strengths during the process.

Assessment Time —So how was your year, Dom?

What a year 2016 was, for me. It was a transformative, heartbreaking, beautiful, successful year of growth. I evolved, cried, lip sang, grew into my ways, told my truth, let go of relationships, made new friendships, accomplished goals, dated, laughed, took chances, trusted myself and became even more vulnerable.

Following Myleik’s (Myleik Teele of CurlBOX) method of taking an assessment of your year before starting a new one, I decided to critically think of all the triumphs and failures that happened for me in 2016. Myleik believes that you can’t really plan for the year ahead until you’ve assessed the prior year. Now it’s the time to glance at vision boards and lists of goals/resolutions that you have made previously to see what went well this year and what you could work on in #2017. Have you made a list of things that you’ve gotten right and things you’ve could’ve improved on? If not, I suggest you do so before the month is out! Check out my list of accomplishments as well as tips to #SLAY in #2017, below.

Friends, Mentors and I at PRSA-SFs 'Fall into Diversity Mixer 

Friends, Mentors and I at PRSA-SFs 'Fall into Diversity Mixer 

Sorors and I at the #WerqueDominiqueLaunch brunch

Sorors and I at the #WerqueDominiqueLaunch brunch

Accomplishments, Top 10:

New/Dream Job—2016 was the year that I found the courage to apply to jobs that I knew would propel me forward in my career, while also challenging me. I received the #blessing of a new job that I love, as an Account Executive in the Social Media practice at a global PR firm.

Leadership within Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.—Since becoming a part of my illustrious sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha in December of 2015, I knew that I wanted to make a difference within my community and chapter. After working diligently and consistently, it was an honor to be chosen to become co-chair of the Environmental Ownership committee. (PS: We are ALL holding our breath until #J15)

Traveling for work—I’ve always wanted to travel for work and I finally got the opportunity to for my client, Air New Zealand.

Launching Werque by Dominique—Started from the bottom, now we here! Super happy that my website is alive and thriving! My good girlfriend, Briaan helped my vision come to life and encouraged me to find my own voice to tell my truth and experiences. Check her branding site out:

Working through hardships and forgiving—I had to be resilient this year. I had someone at home, who relied on me. By taking care of another person, it allowed me to be more empathetic and understanding.

Gaining new friendships—A goal of mine was to strengthen my community and surround myself of positive, truly supportive people. #squad

Seeing the importance of #selfcare and applying it to my life—I began to dance again, I absolutely live for my Jazz Dance class on Tuesday after work.

Joining ColorComm and being on PRSASF’s Diversity & Inclusion board—I provide social media strategy/promotion for PRSASF’s events, how cool is that?

Brought joy and #blackgirlmagic to everyone’s life—Even though it was difficult at times I tried to be upbeat and positive around people that I was around because that was the energy I wanted to attract. Everyone knows that my #kikiseshes are everything!

Believing in myself—I started to believe in not only my potential but the gifts that I have to share with my personal community and the world. Once I found out about those gifts, it was easier for me to live my best life.

5 Things that I will bring into 2017:

1.     Continuing to grow professionally, spiritually, emotionally.

2.     Being more adventurous…who wants to hike, snowboard and travel with me?

3.     Becoming more independent.

4.     Indulging into self-care and using the word NO more.

5.     Not comparing myself to anyone by staying in my own lane but also being willing to learn new things

5 Tips to help you #SLAY in #2017:

1.     Trust your own journey: Chart your own path to success and ACT on it. I urge you to actually plan out each and every goal to ensure success.

2.     Get Organized: I swear by my google calendar, planners, goal journal and to-do lists. Implement your own organization plan, this year.

3.     Clear out the JUNK, literally & figuratively: Get rid of everything that you do not need in your life from clothes, knickknacks, and even toxic relationships! (bye boo!)

4.     Enjoy your life: Sometimes you can be totally OBSESSED with the granular details in accomplishing goals and striving for excellence, you tend forget to actually enjoy your life. Pace yourself, everything will be done at the right time. Have some fun, boo!

5.     Get out of your comfort zone: I am #guilty of not doing this enough! Try new foods, travel new places, meet new people and just get out there into the world!

What are you planning to do to make sure you #SLAY in 2017? Tell us in the comments, below.