My 2017 Vision Board Party!

“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” 
― Audre Lorde

For the first weekend of 2017, I thought it would be fun to host a vision board party to reset and define the New Year resolutions that were established towards the end of 2016. I wanted to bring together my close friends and acquaintances to visualize our goals by laying them out on construction paper using quotes and inspiring pictures from magazines…I couldn’t leave out the confetti of course. I urged my guests to focus on the importance of setting intentions for 2017 while also being open to spontaneity and change. Since I wanted to keep this gathering small and intimate, I had more freedom to personalize the vision board party experience based off each guest.

Tips to Throw Your Own Vision Board Party:

Venue: If you don’t want to host your vision board party at home, be creative about the venue! I decided to go with Tertulia Coffee, a local coffee shop that also doubles as an art gallery. Tertulia had amazing lattes, art, and large open spaces that filled my aesthetic vision.

Crafting Supplies: Magazines aren’t the only supplies needed to make your vision board come to life! I also bought markers, gold confetti, glue sticks and construction paper for my guests.

Libations & Food: I wanted my guests to craft their vision for 2017 without being clouded so I actually did not have wine or any liquor at the party, just fabulous lattes, chai tea and pastries. However, if you are hosting your party at home, feel free to create a signature cocktail and have hor d'oeuvres for your event. Say it with me… (Champagne in Mariah Carey’s voice)

Table covering: The table covering is essential to keep your table protected from a glue and confetti induced mess! I picked up my cute baby pink table cover from Target for $4.50 (always on a budget)!

Magazines/Construction Paper: You need magazines. There wouldn’t be a vision board party without them! I had a large variety of magazines and colored construction paper, from O Magazine, Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Essence and Entrepreneur.

Hire a Photographer: I strongly suggest that you hire a professional photographer to capture the organic and “ah-ha” moments during the party. Since you are hosting it’s very difficult to make your own vision board, engage with your guests, and then try to take your own pictures! Remember that this is your time to #SLAY as well.

Share with me your tips for hosting a fab vision board party, in the comments below!