4 Ways to Treat Yourself During the Work Week

Last weekend, I decided to do something that I rarely do…relax. After helping my mom refill her medicine and brunch, I went home and took a nap. Oddly enough, I wasn’t able to remember the last time I was able to take a nap during the middle of the day.

I had several reasons to recharge this weekend, the top of the list was my father’s birthday. I lost my dad in 2013 to gun violence (stray bullet) and celebrating his birthday has been difficult for me ever since. To have a safe and peaceful place to reflect on our memories together, I decided to head to one of my favorite places, the spa.

For the rest of Sunday evening, I watched Harry Potter movies, folded my clothes, washed my hair, cooked and prepared for the work week ahead, less stressed and more motivated. My chill weekend had me wondering how to effectively implement self-care techniques within my work week.

Some reading materials and lemon/mint infused water for Piedmont Springs Spa 

Some reading materials and lemon/mint infused water for Piedmont Springs Spa 

Read my 4 tips to treat yourself this week, below:

Listen to your body. My body has never steered me wrong. She always lets me know when it’s time to take a breather and say NO to certain people, obligations or even foods. Listen to your body, you’ll thank me later.

Cook for yourself. I learned how to be a better cook once I moved into my apartment earlier this year. It never hurts to prepare a delicious meal for yourself. Make sure you have a great red wine to pair it with! 

Take care of your personal business or (things you are stressing about finishing before the week ends.) I have anxiety. Checking off my to-do list helps remedy my anxious thoughts. I suggest that you knock out every undesirable task during Monday and Tuesday, so you can free up the week ahead with less stress.

Create your own version of fun. Make yourself happy. Take a run around the neighborhood, attend a yoga class or happy hour, paint or dance. Remember to put your needs and yourself first.

How do you treat yourself during the week? Let me know!