New York City Foodie Recap

New York City will always have a special place in my heart. From being mesmerized by the billboards in Times Square to hustling to catch the C train to my uncle’s bakery in Brooklyn, New York is definitely my second home.

So, of course I was excited when I learned that I would be spending a week training with my social media team in the NYC HQ. My New York minute looked like this, working by day in the chic and lofty Chelsea district then hurrying to meet friends and mentors in various parts of the city.

I always discover something new on each of my New York trips. Check out my quick recap list below for inspo!

Eats + Cocktails + Coffee…oh my!

Sweet + Vicious: One of my good friends, Roytel suggested this festive little bar in Nolita and the drinks didn’t disappoint. I ordered one of the signature frozen jargarita's (mango flavor) and it almost took me out!

Lovely Day: After drinks, Roytel & I moseyed down a few blocks to enjoy some tangy & tasty Thai food. Given that the hosts said that it would be an hour wait, we decided to try our luck getting a seat in the basement. The gritty atmosphere suited the neighborhood ambience and served for a great Ki.

Also, who can pass up chicken Pad Thai for $10? No one.

Verlaine: This hidden gem nestled in the heart of the LES was named after Paul Verlaine, the 19th Century French poet and has the best lychee cocktails ever! My mentor and I met up here for drinks and noodles, right after I landed in NYC. I’ll definitely be going back.

Hotel Americano: Meeting up with your old coworker calls for a strong but tasteful drink. My old copywriter-in-crime, Case and I decided to go with lime jalapeño margaritas on ice to reminisce on our interesting times on the TIDAL account.

Ninth Street Espresso: While I was in NYC I made a point to meet people that I was swooning over on Instagram in real life. I had the opportunity to meet communications maven, Chasity Cooper at this quaint and hipster coffee shop in Alphabet City. Expect strong but sweet lattes and a bomb playlist, Frank Ocean included.


Loosie Rouge: Authentic friendship is important, so is a fabulous brunch. I now hold Loosie Rouge close to my heart because of their beautiful secluded outdoor/indoor space and contemporary art aesthetic. My friends and I clinked to ongoing sisterhood and success over Rosé and St. Germaine cocktails.

Clinton Street Baking Company: While I was in NYC, brunching for me started Friday morning before heading into work. My co-worker and I walked a few blocks down from our cozy LES Airbnb condo to indulge in the beautifully plated meals. I had the best chicken and waffles that I’ve ever tasted, with a mimosa, of course.


Untitled (Whitney Museum Café): With fabulous drinks paired with artistic ambience, you can’t go wrong. My good girlfriend and I had several glasses of wine and spiked apple cider to celebrate our recent accomplishments. It was also real cute that bar tender gave us a major discount.


Jack’s wife Freda: I waited 1hr and a half to get a seat at the bar but it was well worth it. The steak was cooked to perfection and the Rosé was on point.