This is My Year: 2017!

2017 was my year. My year of firsts, triumphs, overcoming disappointments and experiencing unimagined success. I spent the first day of 2017 in a psychiatric facility with my mother. At that point, I didn’t expect much of 2017 but knew I was at my lowest. Although, I couldn’t directly change my mother’s mental illness, I knew I needed to start living for me.

When I purchased Myleik’s This Is My Year journal in December 2016, I didn’t anticipate my life shifting in all aspects: career, love, friendship and family. I started to see the major changes and I’m thankful that I decided to strengthen my relationship with God to co-create the life I have now. In true Myleik fashion, I decided to take inventory of my year. My theme for 2018 is elevation through limitless living. See my 2017 highlights below!

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2017 Highlights

I bet on myself. I pushed through my comfort zone and fear. I pitched my brand and talents, which brought forth unexpected opportunities for 2018.


  • I moved into my first studio apartment! All the candles, roses and wine! 


  • Through a lot of sacrifice and time management, I was able to be there for my mom to manage her mental illness. From doctor appointments, therapy sessions, hospital stays and bills, I’ve been by her side.
  • I was able to strengthen family ties throughout the whole year.

Werque by Dominique Brielle:

  • Blog stats:
    • 3,306 unique visitors, 5,028 visits and 10,700 page views and 542 new Instagram followers.
  • Since launching Werque By Dominique Brielle in 2016, I started writing for my blog more consistently. I began to also write for additional publications like: So She Slays, 7am Life, Brown Girl Bloggers and the Strength of She.
  • I gained my first feature and sponsored partnership from The Life Currency and Civion Jewelry.
  •  I hosted my first event, a vision board party for the new year.

Home ownership:

  • At 25, I’m in the final process of owning my own home. It has been quite a journey to get here but proud to say I’m hanging in there and moving forward. The probate process is no joke!


  •  I received a better understanding of what it means to making me happy before I make anyone else happy. I started to eat healthier, attended dance class regularly, went to therapy consistently, said NO often and came up with a skin care regimen that I love.

Career advancement:

  • Being sponsored by my previous company to take a Social Media Marketing course at UC Berkeley
  • I was able to exhilarate my career while handling personal matters simultaneously. In November 2017, I took my career to the next level as the Social Media Manager for San Francisco and Los Angeles at WeWork.
  • During my first month at WeWork, I was asked to be on the San Francisco HQ Culture board and the CEO acknowledged my previous work on the TIDAL account in front of key stakeholders.
  • Created my work portfolio on my website: Werque by Dominique Brielle


  • Being sponsored by my previous company to attend the C2 ColorComm Conference in Miami, Florida.
  • Gaining a notable “Fairy God Mother” within the Digital and Communications industry, Kathy Baird.
  • Presenting to key executives within my previous company on my ColorComm Conference experience.
  • Becoming Membership Director for the ColorCommSF chapter.

Continued Leadership Within Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated:

  • Asked to be a delegate for Xi Gamma Omega Chapter for the 88th Western Regional Conference

Travel: In 2017, I had the opportunity to go on several spontaneous trips to the following places:

  • New Orleans, LA: Essence Festival
  • Miami, FL: ColorComm Conference
  • Los Angeles, CA: Women’s Empowerment Brunch
  • Austin, Texas: Fourth of July celebrations with Linesister
  • Sedona, Arizona: Much needed solo trip
  • New York City: Work trip and training


  • Received a private financial advisor to start investing and growing my 401K

5 Things That I Will Bring into 2018:

  • Confidence
  •  Grace
  • Taking the ample amount of time needed for myself (self-care)
  • Increased understanding of my self-worth
  • An exhilarated work ethic