Cranes in the Sky: 5 Things I’ve Experienced in Sedona, Arizona

I tried to run it away
Thought then my head be feeling clearer
I traveled 70 states
Thought moving around make me feel better

--Cranes in the Sky, Solange

A couple of weeks ago, I successfully completed my first solo trip to Sedona, Arizona. Traveling solo to Arizona, has been a bucket list item that I’ve been wanting to cross of my list for a while now. Although, Sedona, Arizona seems like a random place to travel alone to, I knew I wanted to explore the beautiful scenery by hiking, venturing to the Grand Canyon and reveling in my solitude. I knew I needed to heal and take a breather from all of my many responsibilities.

Oddly enough, I didn’t even know where to begin. I was afraid to even book the flight, let alone go somewhere on my own. I pushed through my anxiety and fears to just go for it! I mean, you really only live, once right? I wanted to experience something new but fabulous, so I decided to book my hotel stay with Enchantment Resort.

The Enchantment Resort stands at the doorway of the secluded Boynton Canyon and surrounded by majestic red rock formations. I truly had one of the best experiences at this resort, due to the impeccable service and detailed amenities.

Top 5 Things I’ve Experienced in Sedona, Arizona:


The views—The Enchantment Resort is nestled in between huge red canyon formations, allowing guests to experience and enjoy sweeping breathtaking red rock views.

The Activities—While staying in Sedona, I was able to visit the Grand Canyon, a bucket list item that I’ve been meaning to cross of ever since my Dad transitioned. When I saw the Grand Canyon in person, I realized how small my problems are in relation to God’s work.


In addition to visiting the Grand Canyon, I was able to participate in a private hike. During that hike, I remembered how much I missed enjoying the nature and the open outdoors. With limited cell phone service on the hike, I was able to just be in the present moment.

Peace—From enjoying glasses of wine in the afternoon and evening, to gazing at stars and watching deer roam the resort, I truly felt peaceful during my time in Sedona. There’s just something about allowing yourself to experience moments without distractions.


Being Pampered—The Enchantment Resort is also known for their beautiful spa, Mii Amo. Think of any spa treatment that you might want to have and Mii Amo, has you covered. I opted to have a milk and honey bath with orange peel sugar scrub and a Swedish massage. I mean, why not? After my spa treatments, I spent the day at Mii Amo, lounging poolside while reading my favorite book, Song Yet Sung and drinking a Kale and Pomegranate smoothie from their juice bar. Talk about heaven.


Alone time— Self perseverance is a major and an integral part of maintaining and building onto your personal success. Before my trip to Sedona, I was completely burnt out and uninspired from all the events that happened during 2017. I knew I needed to recharge and have ample amount of alone time to think and rest. Going to Sedona alone to spend time to myself was one the best decision that I’ve made this year.

Thinking of going on a solo trip? Let me know where, in the comments below!