Millennials That Slay Their Careers-Meet Michelle Benjamin

Happy May 1st! To continue my #WerqueLikeABoss series, I’m highlighting millennials that slay their careers, while also inspiring and giving back to their communities. These millennial women are nothing short of amazing, simply because they aren’t afraid to use their passions to help them live their best lives. Throughout this series, you’ll learn about a diverse group of women who took the initiative to jumpstart their careers.  

Meet Michelle Benjamin: Lifestyle Blogger and CEO of OURS by Blackjoy

Michelle Benjamin is a wife, entrepreneur, and lover of all things creative. She is the Founder of the OURS by Blackjoy subscription box and creator of her lifestyle blog Modernly Michelle. This Florida native has a passion for helping individuals live out their passions - especially in the realm of business.

1. Share your blogging and entrepreneur journey. How did you become interested in blogging and how did your business, OURS: By Blackjoy, begin? 

Fashion has always been a passion of mine. I absolutely love styling outfits, catching up on the latest trends, and providing tips for those who want to step up their wardrobe game. While I originally started blogging in 2010, I decided in 2014 it was time to take things seriously. I debuted my blog Fashilluminous at that time and absolutely loved being able to document my fashion journey and help ladies uncover their true personal style. Recently I decided it was time to make a switch regarding my blog because my focus changed. I (along with my husband Brandon) created our company and we truly have a passion for helping and supporting people of color especially within the realm of business. Thus, my brand was born! It is the perfect spot to catch business tips, style, and inspiration that I live by.

I am currently the founder and CEO of OURS by Blackjoy as well. OURS is a lifestyle subscription box made for women of color. We provide products for your hair, skin, beauty, and health all created by entrepreneurs of the African diaspora straight to your doorstep. We noticed that there was a need to create a product that would be tailored to our Black women while providing them with an easy way to both support other entrepreneurs of color and circulate the Black dollar. We launched the first OURS box in October of last year and it has been an amazing journey so far! Being able to Girl Boss it out and create an experience that is tailored to women of color which benefit our lives is extremely fulfilling. 

2. Give your best career advice for the millennial girl who aspires to have their own business. 

I would definitely recommend that you take the plunge and start the business! When you’re bit with the entrepreneurial bug it’s pretty hard to shake off. If you have the drive to start something that is ultimately yours it’s best to act on it. Be sure to do your research, surround yourself with individuals who support your goals, and create a good experience for your consumer. Also, choosing a business that you're passionate about is extremely important. If times get difficult, you know ultimately you’ve created the company for a purpose so keep pushing through!

3. Where do you hope to be professionally in 3 years? 

Professionally, I will definitely be the ultimate Girl Boss (speaking it into existence, haha!) within 3 years. I would love to be able to have all of the resources to truly assist other women who have a calling to create a business of their own as well. Our company will be completely self-sufficient and I will be happy to say that I am fully living out my dreams – especially career wise. 

When she’s not busying Girl Bossing or spending time with loved ones you can catch Michelle at or!