Millennials That Slay Their Careers-Candice VanWye

To continue my #WerqueLikeABoss series, I’m highlighting millennials that slay their careers, while also inspiring and giving back to their communities. These millennial women are nothing short of amazing, simply because they aren’t afraid to use their passions to help them live their best lives. Throughout this series, you’ll learn about a diverse group of women who took the initiative to jumpstart their careers.  

Meet Candice VanWye:

Blogger, Entrepreneur and Business Owner

Candice VanWye is a millennial creative currently living in San Francisco. In 2014 she created Brown Girl Bloggers a community and network for women of color who blog. She also hosts a podcast and creates content for her personal blog. 

1. Share your blogging and entrepreneur journey. How did you become interested in blogging and how did your business, Brown Girl Bloggers begin? 

I got started through social media. Brown Girl Bloggers started as a blog roll where I listed blogs under different categories like style or entertainment and posted it on the site so people could check out the blogs they were interested in. I would go on Twitter and Instagram and look through hashtags like #bloggers, #blackgirls, #creatives, etc and every time I came across a woman with melanin I would add their blog to our blogroll and then contact them to let them know about us. It was a slow process but eventually bloggers started telling other people about BGB and using our hashtag. Now we’re connecting our members with brands, teaching our content creators how to be better at their craft, and making genuine connections that go beyond blogging.

2. Give your best career advice for the millennial girl who aspires to have their own business and blog?

First I'd say work really hard. You're going to have to sacrifice "fun" and "chill" times in the beginning if you want to succeed. Every time you launch something you'll have to go through that set-up period where it feels like you don't have a life but that's ok. Put your head down and do the work period. Second I'd say find a way to market yourself and stand out creatively. I know that's general advice but there is so much competition out here that it's hard to be just another blogger or boutique owner. You have to figure out that thing that will make you different or else you'll get ignored.

3. Where do you see Brown Girl Bloggers 3 years from now?

Three years from now I see Brown Girl Bloggers still being a private community for melanated creatives. I see us hosting several events monthly and having a retreat every year.