The Importance of Living Your Truth: A Conversation With Sequoia Blodgett Presented by ColorComm

Last night, I was able to finally meet a woman that I’ve looked up to for about two years, Sequoia Blodgett, Tech Editor at Black Enterprise. I first became familiar with Sequoia when I started writing for her wellness platform, Through ColorComm’s Phenomenal Women Action Campaign, we had the unique privilege to hear about Sequoia’s career journey and important lessons she’s learned on the way.

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7 Things I learned from Sequoia:

Be a Storyteller—It’s imperative to be authentic with your story while also showing vulnerability. Your current and future audience wants to feel connected with your brand.

Consistency—If you’re passionate about it, let the world know. Show up and show out every day to accomplish your goals.

Being flexible and open—Sequoia is a true example of a media professional knowing how to pivot from different careers while creating her own lane.

Creativity—How are you creating a solution for not just your personal brand but for your audience? 

Fostering Relationships—Have a purpose behind your connections. Be in the business of having something to offer instead of taking solely from someone you want to connect with.

Patience—If you are looking for a mentor, job hookup, or to pick someone’s brain, be mindful of time constraints. It’s important to be intentional on how you are developing the relationship and let it build gradually over time.

Live your truthThere's only one you. Leverage your truth and story to make an impact on the world. 

Questions I asked about Sequoia Blodgett's Current Social Strategy: 

  • How are you integrating your previous wellness and self-care strategy on Black Enterprise’s social channels? Are you leveraging marketing, influencer, video strategy to reach millennials further?
  • Given that LinkedIn recently rolled out video capabilities, how has that feature propelled your content?