4 Song Lyrics From A Seat at the Table That Had Me In My Feelings

Hi, my name is Dominique Brielle Fluker and I suffer with anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression has plauged my life ever since my father was murdered in 2013. His death brought forth confusion, pain, angst and a mild case of PTSD. Most friends and family members know that I constantly struggle with anxiety and depression to the point where I either overwork myself or become extremely isolated from everyone. 

I wanted to share 4 song lyrics that resonate with me and directly speak to black mental health issues and why we should acknowledge them more often. A Seat at the Table spoke to the internal struggles that I face often and I am immensely grateful for this healing, beautiful work of art. 

Solange. Piaget. Knowles. Thank you for all the #blackgirlmagic that you brought to the table with your newest albumโ€ฆI appreciate and respect you. I definitely pulled up a seat and I plan on staying at the table. 

1. โ€œRiseโ€

Fall in your ways, so you can crumble
Fall in your ways, so you can sleep at night
Fall in your ways, so you can wake up and rise

Lyrically, Solange challenges us to be intentional in our lives and discover our patterns, habits and thoughts. She encourages us to continue to stay true to ourselves, to not be afraid of exploring our own journey and embrace living unapologetically. Rise challenges us to acknowledge the way we live our lives and to be comfortable in our own skin, regardless of our perceived failures. 

This track definitely makes me want to drift into the warmest of seas of the Mediterranean and drink my Mango Madness DAVIDsTea without worrying what I am doing right or wrong in my life. Rise allows me to calm down and feel the shift in my body and thoughts.

2. โ€œWearyโ€

Iโ€™m gonna look for my body, yeah
Iโ€™ll be back like real soon

Solange gave me my entire life back with these two very simple lyrics. Way too often I find myself caught up in comparing myself to my peers which makes me lose track of who I am. โ€œWearyโ€ is a gentle reminder that although we become weary with the way things are in the world we should grant ourselves the permission to pencil in self-care. For me self-care can be reading my favorite book, taking a hot shower with my favorite Lโ€™occitane body wash, going to an art museum, crying or just simply laying in my bed. I โ€œlook for my bodyโ€ whenever I acknowledge that I need to take care and give back to myself and replinish my spirit.

3. โ€œCranes in the Skyโ€

I tried to drink it away
I tried to put one in the air
I tried to dance it away
I tried to change it with my hair

I ran my credit card bill up
Thought a new dress would make it better
I tried to work it away
But that just made me even sadder

I tried to keep myself busy
I ran around in circles
Think I made myself dizzy
I slept it away, I sexed it away
I read it away

GURL these lyrics are my My. Whole. Entire. Life for a number of reasons. 

Self-inflicted pressure

I cried when I heard these lyrics specifically because they were so real and relevant to what I have been going through these past couple of weeks (feeling anxious, comparing myself to others career wise, feeling alone.) Sometimes I tend to get so wrapped up in the everyday routine of life, I forget to admit that I am not okay. 

4. โ€œDonโ€™t Wish Me Wellโ€

Pour ashes where they claimed my name

Bottom line, some wonโ€™t understand your growth, progress and direction. Some people in your very own circle and family donโ€™t wish you well. Thatโ€™s ok. Itโ€™s fine to let them go. You have the agency and right to develop into a new person, if you want to. 

A Seat at the Table, invited me to explore my personal narrative and delve into my thought process on what self-care means to me. Itโ€™s a reminder to take care of yourself and to acknowledge that it is ok to feel rage, despair and empowerment, all at the same time. How has A Seat at the Table altered your life? Tell me in the comments, below!