Fall Trends By Black Manhattan

Happy first Day of Fall! I've tapped Black Manhattan to share some of her favorite Fall 2017 fashion trends to help you #SlayConsistently. Enjoy! 


Saying goodbye to summer is such a bitter sweet feeling (queues The Jackson 5 Never Can Say Goodbye). Fall is here and it is au revoir to the days of less is more and saying hello to more is warm. Transitioning can be hard (yes! I know) but Autumn brings about a certain fantasy and a necessary creativity to finesse the season with style. The opportunity and challenge to invent and reinvent your wardrobe is present in the cooler months and to Fall we say…. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! So in getting ready to take our wardrobes into the next season, here are a few things to keep in mind when getting into the ring with Fall to make it a TKO!

Keep it fresh by being yourself.

Now, of course we know that style is in the eye of the beholder and can be extremely personal, so the most important thing to remember above all else when reinventing your wardrobe as seasons change is to keep the essence of who you are! Seasonal trends are great and can introduce you to something new however they can also be the death of personal style.



Don’t pack all of your summer clothes just yet! Look at what can be layered! This is where the creativity and the fantasy comes into play! Add coats and dusters over your favorite summer dresses, a light weight turtle neck under your favorite thin strapped blouse and thick tights under a skirt you thought you couldn’t pull off any other time besides the Summer! You’ll be surprised at what you can create with just a little imagination!


A lot of people tend to think as the seasons change the colors we wear need to change with them. This idea is false. Please wear whatever color you want and yes, even white! Be vibrant!


This is a fall staple and again how you choose to do it is entirely up to you. Great outerwear, X a simple outfit, always = effortlessly chic. Imagine a great monochrome outfit and a bright or patterned coat over it, really… you can’t go wrong! 


Boots like outerwear is another fall essential and there are so many great ones to pick from! Patent to dress up a look, knee highs, booties, flats, high heel boots (you get the point). Be daring with it! My personal favorite are animal print boots and patent to give a little edge to my look at times! 


This one is for the girl who is not afraid of a little stare and some head turns (because really that’s what we want right?). Not ready to say good bye to your favorite open toe shoe, heel or platform? Pair it with a vibrant sock or tight, or black for a chic look! Glitter socks are fun too! For the men wear a colored sock that shows at the ankle of your boot! Guarantee you’ll get some lovers and some haters but at the end of the day as long they are talking and you look and feel great, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


I hope these tips help you rise to the occasion of killing it for Fall with a new confidence to knock it out the park!

Conscious, Culture, Art Always. 

Black Manhattan